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Security Conference Speaking Engagement
Ryan Fox, founder of several Open Source software projects, including NOLA (, CCC, and Portscan (, will be presenting "Starting and Running a Successful Open Source Project" at the Rubi Con 5, Data and Network Security Conference in Dearborn Michigan, April 28th - 30th, 2003. He will cover reasons (right and wrong) for starting a project, what to expect, how to get started and how to inform the public. He will also talk about why to Open Source an existing code-base and the differences between various Open Source licenses.

Ryan, a member of BackWatcher's security team, has been doing web development for 10+ years, including developing commercial web applications for Fortune 500 companies, and has spent more time than he'd care to admit evangelizing the laurels of Open Source.

SBE, Inc. PCI WAN Adapter driver ports to OpenBSD
In partnership with SBE, Inc. and the OpenBSD project, BackWatcher is porting drivers to OpenBSD for the following PCI WAN Adapters manufactured by SBE.
      wanADAPT-C1T1E1                   1 port channelized T1/E1
      wanADAPT-C2T1E1                   2 port channelized T1/E1
      wanADAPT-C4T1E1                   4 port channelized T1/E1
      wanADAPT-HC4T1E1                  4 port channelized T1/E1 with H.100
      wanPMC-2T3E3 + PCI/PMC carrier    2 port "improved" 1T3
      wanPMC-256T3 + PCI/PMC carrier    1 port channelized 1T3
There is currently an OpenBSD driver (lmc) for the following PCI WAN Adapters which were aquired with Lan Media Corporation (LMC) by SBE in July of 2000.
      wanADAPT-1SSI                     1 port sync serial
      wanADAPT-1T1LP                    1 port T1/E1 (low profile)
      wanADAPT-1HSSI                    1 port HSSI
      wanADAPT-1T3                      1 port DS3
Other than lack of OpenBSD drivers for the PCI WAN Adapter cards we are porting drivers to now, all of SBE's PCI WAN Adapter cards have drivers for all of the major Free Unix operating systems, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.

Security Conference Speaking Engagement
Kyle Amon, BackWatcher's founder, gave a presentation on Building and Managing Firewall/VPN Systems with OpenBSD at the Rubi Con 4, Data and Network Security Conference in Detroit Michigan, April 5th - 7th, 2002.

Magazine Publication
Kyle Amon, BackWatcher's founder, published Making MPEG Movies with Axis Network Cameras in the March, 2001 issue of Embedded Linux Journal.
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